Teambox Website Review & Ratings + Teambox Coupons
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Teambox Website Review & Ratings + Teambox Coupons

Teambox: Products & Services

Teambox is acollaboration tool that is web-based which has been developed by Teambox technologies S.L. The software has over 40,000 dedicated users who are utilizing Teambox. According to PC World, Teambox is deemed to be suitable for smaller and medium sized companies that are engaged in simple projects. PC World also noted that the software is relatively basic and without a doubt inexpensive. 

Teambox: Company Background

The company has been around since 2008 and has its headquarters situated in Palo Alto, CA. In around February 2010, Teambox secured €140,000 and an additional $250,000 as part of a seed funding round in November 2010. In April 2010, Talker announced that it had been acquired by Teambox. Teambox is often compared with Basecamp. The difference between the two is that Basecamp limits its plan to number of projects and provides unlimited users, but storage capacity is limited to 3 GB while Teambox plays on unlimited storage. 

Teambox: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The website has received positive reviews from its customers. A satisfied customer Mariano Malisani shared:

“Having quick access to my Dropbox files as part of the Teambox platform is a huge time saver. Not only is it great to have the files available to use within my projects and tasks, I never have to think about file management again. The Teambox platform is a great solution.”

Teambox: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Better Business Bureau and does not have a rating. The company is however reputable and does not have any significant negative feedback. The company is financially secure and does not have any court cases against it and can be deemed as credible. The company is well respected and is expected to honor its commitments.

Teambox: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of 14,951 and a country rank of 12,595. Google Page Rank gives the website a score of 6 out of a possible 10. Sitescore gives the website a score of 34 points out of a possible 100 points. This indicates that the website receives a decent amount of traffic, but does not have sufficient advertisement in social bookmarking websites. The company must invest its resources to improve its ranking.

Teambox: Social Media Presence

Social media has created vast opportunities for companies to promote their products and services online. The company uses the twitter account @teambox_app and has 3,222 followers and 1,736 tweets to its credit. The page is used to communicate with fans and customers on a one to one basis. The company’s social media profile is satisfactory.

Teambox: Website Security & Safety

According to the Google Safe Browsing Diagnosis the website is safe to browse and is not considered suspicious. The website does not harbor any malware or viruses and does not have any self installing software present on any of the pages of the website that were tested. The website puts great emphasis on security and employs HTPS and SSL security protocols to ensure general safety and consumer financial protection. The website can be deemed as secure.

Teambox: Pricing & Packages

The website offers high quality products and services that are charged accordingly. The company has a very big line of products and items have different prices. For example their Pro Plan 40costs $200. The prices are quite reasonable when compared with the company’s competitors and customers can be assured of the best prices on offer. 

Teambox: Shipping Rates & Policies

The company does not offer any products and services that require shipping the website so no shipping rates or policies are mentioned by the company.

Teambox: Payment Methods Accepted

The website accepts credit cards powered by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The website offers a very decent payment portal and uses HTTPS and SSL security protocols to ensure consumer financial data protection. The website is very reliable and its payment portal can be used to make payments with great peace of mind. 

Teambox: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company has a very good refund policy and allows its customers to claim their money within 30 days of buying the service. The website will process the application for a speedy and effective refund. The website will send out any charged amounts to the same credit card used and will usually take a few billing cycles to appear. The return policy is very satisfactory and customers can be assured of a speedy and effective return.

Teambox: Product images & screenshots
Teambox Coupons
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